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VertexTM ThermoSens Flex-Dentures


Faster turnaround times, reduced costs

Due to a massive increase in demand for flexi-dentures and for their quicker turnaround time, we have now purchased our own VertexTM ThermoJect 22 machine. Importantly, we now just require five working days (excluding bank holidays) between the try-in and finish stage compared to the previous ten. With our new fully automated injection machine, our technicians are now able to carry out the work in house, efficiently and quickly, with predictable end.


High rigidity

Constructed from am material known as Polyamide Microcrystalline, dentures have a high rigidity, they’re virtually unbreakable.


Monomer-free, therefore ideally suited to patients unwilling or unable to accept dentures.

Excellent Fit

Provides an excellent fit due to minimal volume shrinkage (<1%) and available in 15 colours.

Highly flexible

Suitable for full and partial dentures and can be used for Repairs, Rebasing & Relining.

Extremely lightweight

At least 50% lighter compared to an average metal frame with good humidity resistantance.

Implants & splints

At least 50% lighter compared to an average metal frame with good humidity resistantance.

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